Outback Trays and 4 x 4 was established in 2016 to address the region’s growing demands for not only high quality steel fabricated trays, but also to assist customers with custom designed trays and specialty aluminium and stainless products that make a statement about exactly who they are.

From inception the company set out to be different, meaning different from our competitors and different from the everyday by designing and engineering trays that are absolutely unique in the Australian market today.

The enduring quality that sets Outback Trays and 4 x 4 apart from our competitors is our ability to listen, along with our DNA built on a cornerstone of ‘Quality, Durability and Reliability”.

We know just how tough the Aussie bush can be, so we spend considerable time on extensive engineering and rigorous testing meaning all our products are not only manufactured with tough built in, but most importantly it results in all our customers experiencing many years of practical enjoyment and pride.

Nothing is too hard for us at Outback Trays and 4 x 4 and we will happily listen to the voice of the customer to design and manufacture a custom made steel or aluminium tray that meets exacting standards and displays only the highest quality workmanship that we are renowned for.

In a nutshell our trays and our extensive range of 4X4 off road accessories can be as individual as you are.

Whether it’s one of our standard trays, a custom design, our great range of tool boxes, pull out drawers, water tanks, side steps and rails, aluminium cages, dog boxes or our complete range of 4 x 4 accessories, we have a product to match every person and every lifestyle.

We have “Everything 4 x 4 and More”…… so if you’re looking for bullbars, side steps, side rails, driving lights, UHF radios, winches, custom exhausts, dual batteries, off road wheels or just about anything to get you there and back again, Outback Trays and 4 x 4 have got you covered.


At Outback Trays and 4 x 4 we employ an experienced team of professional fabricators whose quality and standards are second to none.

We have the expertise, along with vast experience to produce high quality products built to exacting degrees and standards.

But it is not just steel trays and fabrication that makes us truly unique. We are also experts in specialty aluminium fabrication from alloy trays, to cages and dog boxes, in fact just about anything and that includes stainless steel.

Nothing is too hard for the Outback team and we strive to listen to the customer’s needs and requirements in manufacturing exactly and precisely what the customer wants.

We have the voice of the customer well and truly covered, along with the products designed to make every adventure in like a simply unforgettable journey!